15 Memes About Living in LA that Every Angeleno Can Relate To

15 Memes About Living in LA that Every Angeleno Can Relate To

It’s hard to imagine now, but there was a time—long before the 2016 election—when the internet was not saturated with memes. Those were the glory days before your uncle in the Midwest discovered “trucker memes” and your weird relatives started up a shitposting Twitter account called “Trumpinator1776.”

Fortunately, it’s not all bad. There are still a few people out there who can cobble together two lines of text and a pixelated image and transform it into deeply hilarious satire. And luckily, some of them live in Los Angeles.

Here are 15 memes about LA that every Angeleno can relate to.


Los Angeles Level 1

Credit: beesdyingalarmingrate

Okay, so many of us first turned up wide-eyed in LA thinking it was all about sun, smoothies, and hiking in Griffith Park—turns out we just hadn’t graduated beyond Level 1. By the way, I still go to LACMA, but only for the shows. Just saying.


Los Angeles Level 2

Credit: beesdyingalarmingrate

While I’ve never actually been to the LA Art Book Fair, I guess the fact that I eat ramen and regularly go to Cinefamily means I’m pushing an upper Level 2?


I’m in a LA Psych Band Starter Pack

Credit: spacewizardinspace

If you live in certain areas of LA (read: Echo Park), then you’ve most likely come into contact with a free-loving, bell-bottom-wearing milieu for whom the 60s and 70s never really ended (even if they were too young to experience them in the first place).  


After the Club

Credit: @raymond_haines

Not even Britney can resist the lure of the taco truck after a night out.


Living in LA

Credit: Unknown

As your dreams of achieving fame and fortune in Hollywood slowly recede into the distance, are you inching closer and closer to your very own Michael Douglas Falling Down moment?  


Venice: Before and After

Credit: swoon_scream

Venice used to be a pitbull, now it’s a gentrified poodle. Funny how things change.


Moving to Vermont

Credit: Livememe

Seriously, we just don’t get why you’d want to leave LA.


People Who Live in the Valley

Credit: getotterhere

There are plenty of reasons to visit the Valley. Being roasted alive is not one of them.


Parking After Midnight

Credit: Unknown

Damn, there’s a spot right out front––or is there?


One Does Not Simply Park in Los Angeles

Credit: Unknown

I think we’re okay on this side of the sign.


Echo Park is Not the East Side

Credit: Echo Park Forums

The eternal debate: where does the East Side end and the West Side begin? Obviously a sore point for Batman.


Take the Freeway

Credit: SFV Memes

You live and you learn.


I Drive Mercedes

Credit: SFV Memes

Number one traffic rule in LA: always give way to luxury vehicles.


Small Dogs

Credit: Quickmeme

We’re approaching plague proportions.


Los Angeles Level 0

Credit: beesdyingalarmingrate

Admit it. You know you’ve been there.