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Avenger Station Feature

Assemble! Marvel’s Immersive Avengers Station is Coming to London

By / August 31, 2018
   Marvel Entertainment
   Marvel Entertainment

Film and comic fans, listen up, as we have some Marvel-lous news. After successful stints in major cities across the world (Paris, New York, Las Vegas, among others) Marvel’s Avengers Station is coming to the UK in the autumn. Here’s what we know so far.

Where is it?

ExCel London, which in case you didn’t know is close to Canary Wharf and on the DLR.

When does it open?

The opening is pencilled in for November 29. Tickets are on general sale from September 5, but you can sign-up for pre-sale beforehand via their website.

Avenger Station 2Marvel Entertainment

What’s the deal?

This will be an immersive, multi-room experience in which you will learn more about Marvel’s legendary cast of characters, and see their silver screen outfits and props up close. The fun doesn’t doesn’t end there, though, with visitors cast into a Marvel storyline of their own in which they ‘train up’ to become an agent of the station.  

Marvel Entertainment

What is there to do and see?

For now, the Station crew are keeping details close to their shirt-rippling chests but there are a few features confirmed. Such as, a ‘Thor Observatory’ in which you can try and lift the Norse God’s hammer and a chance to experience what a simulated flight inside Iron Man’s suit feels like. Visitors will also get the chance to peek into Bruce Banner’s lab. Beyond the immersive elements, there will be plenty of costumes and props from the films to take in, including hitherto unseen displays from Black Panther, The Wasp and Thanos. The gift shop will stock official Marvel merchandise and will be open to both ticket buyers and those without a ticket.

The verdict:

This is going to be one of the hottest tickets in town for fans of Marvel comics or, indeed, the films. But judging by the event’s success in other cities, we’re guessing this immersive exhibition will make for a fun day out for most people – young and old. 

Sign up for pre-sale tickets here.  


Isaac is Editor at Eventbrite UK. Raised in London at a time when good food meant a trip to Harvester, he enjoys exploring his home city’s (now) brilliantly diverse food scene. He’s a fierce defender of South London and his spiritual home is Canavan’s pool bar in Peckham.

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