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Express Your Self-ie: The Verdict on the UK’s First Instagram Museum

By / November 15, 2018
   The Selfie Factory
   The Selfie Factory

Instagram museums: they leave some desperate for tickets and others scratching their heads. Either way – they get people talking and, more importantly, double-tapping.

These immersive spaces are hugely popular in the US; you may have already heard of the Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco or 29 Rooms in New York, both of which amassed hundreds of thousands of likes on social media. (And that’s all that matters, right?) But are us cynical Londoners ready for Instagram museums? Well, now we have the chance to find out, as The Selfie Factory has opened in Shoreditch.

Is it an Instagrammer’s dream or a Black Mirror-esque nightmare? We went along to find out. 

Where is it?

The Selfie Factory is on Bethnal Green Road, just a short walk from Shoreditch High Street Station. Look out for the big pink sign and confetti-adorned front window.

When does it open?

The Selfie Factory is open until November 20th, so you’ll need to book your tickets soon to avoid missing out on filling your camera roll with Instagrammable snaps. Tickets are £15 for 1 hour of picture perfect posing, so come ready to hit the ground running, and leave your selfie shyness at the door.


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What’s the deal?

It’s the “UK’s first Instagram inspired funhouse for selfies”, meaning it’s essentially a pop-up designed for the sole purpose of taking pictures for social media. Duly, there’s special lighting, confetti, and all the props you might need to create the perfect shot.

What is there to do and see?

As you’d expect there are multiple funky photo opportunities, including a giant ball pit, a pink elephant, a doughnut wall, and a checkerboard room complete with bathtub. Don’t forget to take part in the ‘promote yourself ‘ wall, where you can promote your Instagram handle to other Selfie Factory-goers, and maybe gain a few extra followers.


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The verdict?

The Selfie Factory is a fun way to spend an hour, particularly if you’re with a group of Insta-obsessed friends, and feed your followers in the process. The £15 entry fee may seem a little steep, especially as you can’t eat the doughnuts on the doughnut wall (they’re just for show) or sit on Nelly the elephant (she’s fragile), but if it’s Insta fame you’re after then it will be well worth it. Happy posing…

Tickets are on sale now



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