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SFMQ Winners Celebration

Let’s Get Quizzical: 7 Legendary Pub Quizzes in London

By / September 27, 2018

The humble pub quiz has evolved from a great excuse to visit the local on a school night into a noble art form, with the potential to turn into a truly epic night out – even if you and your mates don’t win. These days, people gladly travel halfway across London for a great quiz, but with so, so many to choose from, how do you decide which one(s) to hit? Fear not, as we have rounded-up seven of the best pub quizzes in London. Start swotting and then get booking – tables at all of the below fill up fast.

Boogaloo Stu’s Big Quiffy Quiz at The Four Thieves (Battersea) and The Birds (Leytonstone)

Fun vibes and a good dash of naughtiness are key to this popular quiz that takes place weekly at two London pubs (plus one in Brighton). Stu and his patter (plus his awesome outfits) are a big part of what makes this one so enjoyable, so expect plenty of interaction along the way. As well as cold, hard cash, prizes include wine, chocolate, booze and – crucially – a photo of Stu himself. You can even get quiz loyalty stamps for this one.

Every Tuesday, 8pm-10pm (Battersea) and Wednesday, 8.30pm-10.45pm (Leytonstone) | £2 per person, up to six people per team.

The Pub Quiz at The Old Queen’s Head

Angled as “the pub quiz for people too cool for a pub quiz”, this one is held at lively Islington boozer The Old Queen’s Head and features unashamedly kooky rounds like Dirty Doodles and Kazookeoke (exactly what you think it is) alongside traditional quizzing. There are cash prizes (which can get bumped up pretty high) and boozy prizes, which are basically the same thing when you think about it.

Every Tuesday, 7pm-11pm | £2 per person, up to six people per team.

Old Queen's Head pub quizOld Queen's Head

Lexington Pop Quiz at The Lexington

Hosted by Paul Guided Missile (possibly not his real name), this quiz at iconic music pub The Lexington is, surprisingly enough, about music. But it’s not just for music nerds: it’s fun and occasionally silly, with plenty of quizmaster-induced LOLs along the way. There are six rounds, including the self-proclaimed “slightly rubbish live music round”, and prizes include £60 cash, free drinks and a multipack of crisps for the best team name.

Every Monday, 8pm-10.30pm | £2 per person, up to six people per team.

A Very Vaultsy Pub Quiz at Vaulty Towers

“This is not your average quiz,” say the organisers. And they’re right. Seek out this great, tucked-away pub near Waterloo and you’ll find lip-sync battles, lunging contests, naughty cartoons “punishments” and “liquid rewards”, props and loads more weird stuff amongst some actual quizzing. Weirdness pays off, though, as first prize is a £100 bar tab, with a £30 tab for second place and shots for the best team name.

Every Monday, 7.30pm-10pm | £2 per person, up to six people per team.

Sounds Familiar Music Quiz

Once a cult music quiz, SFMQ is now a juggernaut of the scene, taking place at numerous venues around London and the UK. There’s a party atmosphere throughout the eight rounds and tons of tracks played for naming, so whatever you’re into you’re bound to get something right. Well, hopefully. There are prizes for first, second, third and last place, plus best team name, and at the end the party atmosphere gets ramped-up: think dancing on tables and impassioned singing. 

Various dates and ticket prices, check website for details.

SFMQ team singingSFMQ


The Super Star Quiz at The Star of Bethnal Green

This much-loved quiz at a popular east London pub has a seriously a buzzy atmosphere and gets props from far and wide – with good reason. There’s a music round and general knowledge, of course, but you’ll also be expected to go off-piste to be crowned as winners. Be prepared to get crafty (as in, make stuff), bust out your finest dance moves and dig deep for answers to seriously niche questions.

Every Tuesday, 8pm-10.30pm | £2 per person.

You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat (various venues)

Film buffs, here’s your quiz. This stalwart has been running for over 13 years and is even projected on to a screen – what with being about films and all. Grapple with movie clips, soundtracks, posters and more at any of the three hosting venues (Brixton’s Upstairs at the Ritzy, The Flamingo Room in Soho and The Lord Nelson in Brentford) for prizes including cinema tickets, box-sets, T-shirts and ultimate respect from fellow film fanatics.

Monthly | 7.30pm-10pm. No restrictions on team size.



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