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New Year, New You: 5 to Follow in 2019 for Feeling Good

By / December 17, 2018

The holidays are all about giving to others, but now that the new year is nearly upon us, it’s time to start thinking of ways to give back to ourselves. Thankfully, event organizers around Chicago are ready and waiting with a wealth of wellness-oriented happenings, focused on everything from yoga and dance moves to meditation and mindfulness.

Here are five Eventbrite creators to follow now, each of which showcases some of the best ways to up your self-care game in 2019.

You follow your favorite artists, venues, and meme accounts on Instagram. Now, you can keep up with your favorite event creators on Eventbrite. Simply tap the “follow” button to make sure you never miss events from your favorite creators. You’ll get an email from Eventbrite whenever a new event goes on sale, so you’ll never have to experience FOMO again.


Wildlight Yoga

Look out for: A slew of wellness-centric classes on topics like sound magic, breathing, and Reiki. Follow Wildlight Yoga on Eventbrite to discover creative new ways to provide self-care.

Why: This studio caters to those serious about slowing down. Experience a chilled-out evening or weekend with their diverse programming or with any of their themed yoga offerings, from partner classes to restorative flow.



Look out for: Free workouts led by fitness pros at a variety of venues across the city (and country). Follow Fitbit on Eventbrite to explore the many ways to burn calories while making new buds in the process.

Why: It may be best known for its sleek activity trackers, but this company is all about community, too. Case in point: Many fitness classes offered throughout the city, including its Local Unwind and Flow gatherings, give us an opportunity to stretch, breathe, and move (and snag some pretty sweet swag in the process).


Inner G Movement

Look out for: A range of dance classes meant for every skill level. Follow Inner G Movement on Eventbrite for chances to enhance your moves in R&B, hip-hop, and tap — or gain new ones altogether.

Why: This dance-driven experience was started as a way of celebrating women and all aspects of one’s femininity. Expect to channel some major girl power in these classes, which are designed for self-expression and having (loads of) fun.


Chicago Athletic Clubs

Look out for: A variety of public workouts at venues across town. Follow Chicago Athletic Clubs on Eventbrite to check out experiences like yoga or reiki practice at the Robey.

Why: There are eight locations of this Chicago health club, each of which showcases a wide array of classes and amenities (think personal training, saunas, and pools). While gyms are membership-based, their Eventbrite classes are open to the public.


Namaste Rosé Yoga Events

Look out for: Fun, novel ways to sweat, stretch, and socialize. Follow Namaste Rosé Yoga Events on Eventbrite for community-driven yoga classes, often followed by drinks.

Why: This group is all about cultivating self-care and human connection through a host of yoga and wellness classes around town. Be sure to stick around post-Shavasana for a brew and some banter — many of the happenings take place at locally beloved bars. Because it’s all about balance, right?

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Nicole Schnitzler is a freelance writer who covers​ ​food, drink, ​travel, entertainment, and ​lifestyle. When she is not planning her next adventure​​, she can be found​ ​commuting between bakeries, yoga classes,​ live music shows, and libraries ​in her hometown of ​​Chicago. She is most comfortable with a pen in one hand and a fork in the other. Nicole is also the founder of Doors Open Dishes, an initiative committed to keeping the doors open to the group homes and workshops of individuals with special needs by partnering with chefs and restaurants across the city. Follow her on Twitter (@Write_To_Eat) or on Instagram (@WriteToEat).

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