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About Us

Welcome to Rally!

We’re thrilled to have you here. Before proceeding, please put your party pants on.

Wait, why am I here?

You’re here because you like getting up, going out, and exploring the world around you. You hit new bars and restaurants. You dig art. You buy tickets to concerts and cultural events. Simply put, you go.

And Rally is….?

Rally is Eventbrite’s online publication that lets you know where to go.

We surface the best new restaurants in your city, and bow down to offbeat bars. We keep tabs on which bands are coming to town, and know all the free days at your favorite museums. Whether shining a light on unique classes, fun runs, funky weekend getaways, date ideas or makeout spots, we’re here to tell you what’s free, what’s good, and what’s coming up near you.  

Cause life’s too short to ever be bored. So let’s Rally. Follow our local social media accounts for ticket giveaways, exclusive event news, and more!