5 Reasons Top of the Hub is Actually Great for Locals

As Bostonians, we know if we ever get lost, all we have to do it look for The Pru and walk towards it. We also know that Top of the Hub is the restaurant perched on the 52nd floor of The Pru. Generally considered a spot for tourists, we’re here to flip that reputation and blow your mind. Yes, locals should love Top of the Hub, too. Here are five reasons Top of the Hub is destined to become your new watering hole.


 1. Location

Does it get more smack dab in the middle of the city than The Pru? Accessible by nearly every T line, walkable from all corners of the city, and sitting on top of a parking garage, Top of the Hub is one of the easiest spots to get to in Boston. Even if you commute into the city, it’s just a hop, skip,  and a jump from the commuter rail. Better yet, every single Uber driver in Boston knows where The Pru is, so there are very slim chances of getting lost.


 2. Strong Cocktails

Literally one of the best martinis in Boston, Top of the Hub’s Chocolate Espresso Martini is the perfect nightcap. Plus, who doesn’t like little espresso beans floating around in their drink? If the sound of espresso later in the evening has you feeling jittery, try one of their “Luxury Cocktails.” There are three on the menu, including: the Patron Margarita (Patrón Gran Platinum Tequila, Grand Marnier Cuvee Du Centenaire, Lime, Orange), the Rusty Nail (Dewar’s Signature, Drambuie) or the Luxury Sidecar (Hennessy X.O., Grand Marnier Cuvee Du Cent, Cinquantenaire, Lemongrass Syrup). Each comes with a hefty price tag, but it’s worth it for the luxurious experience.

With a cocktail menu as extensive at TOTH (and top notch bartenders), there’s something on the list for everyone. Feeling lucky? Ask the bartender to mix you a surprise concoction. Honestly, has a surprise from a bartender ever let you down before?


3. The Lounge

Save the dining room for a special occasion and meet your pals at the Top of the Hub Lounge, situated between the two dining rooms just off the elevator. After work, inviting club chairs and comfy couches are the ideal spot to have a bite and enjoy those aforementioned martinis. The lounge is staffed with servers just like the dining room and has its own menu of upscale bar bites, such as a chorizo sausage “in a blanket”, a riff on the traditional pigs in a blanket.

If you’re visiting TOTH after 2pm (like most of us will), opt for the three-course prix fixe menu. For $42 per person, you get your choice of three appetizers, three entrees (including steak), and two desserts. It’s one of the most casual and affordable ways to experience TOTH. A perfect spot to eat and drink away your end of weekend woes. Reservations aren’t accepted in the lounge, so get ready to wrangle your way into a seat.


4. Cookies

Yes, cookies. We’ll try not to oversell these…but they’re EVERYTHING! Some restaurants in the city offer a soufflé for dessert with instructions to order at the beginning of a meal due to its lengthy cooking time. TOTH doesn’t fuss with soufflés, but instead, offers a platter of freshly baked cookies. The cookie varieties change often, but they’re always served with fresh fruit and Chantilly whipped cream alongside. While it takes a bit longer than other desserts to arrive at the table (about 15 minutes), it’s well worth the wait.

Pro Tip: Order a tall, cold glass of milk spiked with a shot of Disaronno and Frangelico. We like to call that the “adult version” of cookies and milk.


5. That View. That View!

Really, why are we talking about anything else? One of the best parts of visiting TOTH as a local is seeing the streets you walk on every day from a bird’s-eye view. The lounge, which we mentioned earlier, has a perfect view of Boston facing northeast. In the evening, you can see the planes lining up as they descend into Logan Airport. During the day, you’ll have a crystal clear view of Cambridge, the steeple of the Old North Church, and Old Ironsides.

Even if you just grab a drink at the bar, feel free to meander into the second dining room (just past the bar), where you’ll get a spectacular view beyond the city down to the South Shore. This corner of the dining room is always open for visitors, and is free of tables.

In the main dining room, look West just past the Citgo sign and you’ll see that apartment you lived in during college. To the East, check out the building that housed your first “adult job.” The view is spectacular any time of day, but try to aim for sunset. You get an (almost) 360-degree view of Boston shimmering in a golden sunset. If brunch is more your speed, camp out on a clear, sunny Sunday to take in the city in pure daylight. Really, there isn’t a bad time to visit.


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