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Eventbrite Launches SaaS Storefront on Etelos\u2122

Web's Most Popular Event Management & Registration Site Enters Fast-Growing Software as a Service Marketplace

July 10th, 2008: San Francisco, CA -, the leading self-service online event management and registration site, today announced it has launched a storefront in the Etelos Marketplace™. Etelos provides businesses of all sizes with easy, "one-stop-shopping" access to a wide selection of exceptional web-based applications.

"We are delighted to be a part of the Etelos Marketplace" said Jack Mardack, Eventbrite's Director of Marketing "Etelos caters to businesses looking for ways to do it better, smarter, more profitably using web-based applications. This is a great place for Eventbrite."

Visitors to the Etelos Marketplace will be able to engage Eventbrite's end-to-end event management and registration services, which include the ability to publish custom event registration pages, to promote their events online with tools like email marketing and to collect online payments instantly.

"The Etelos Marketplace gives businesses access to the best solutions to fit their needs," said Shelley Symonds, Etelos VP & chief marketing officer. "For businesses that are offering seminars, conferences or other meetings, the Eventbrite solution is a great fit and a great service."

You can learn more about the Eventbrite Storefront on Etelos by visiting the Etelos Marketplace.

About Eventbrite -- Eventbrite is a self-service event management website that empowers event holders with all the tools they need to publish, promote and sell tickets online to their events. Eventbrite users enjoy higher attendance rates for their events and increased event revenue. Eventbrite is based in San Francisco, California, and serves event organizers around the world. For additional information about Eventbrite, please visit:

About Etelos -- Etelos provides on-demand browser-based applications on the hosting environment that you choose. Etelos™ technology for developing and deploying on-demand applications is revolutionizing the world of software distribution. The Etelos Marketplace™ gives developers an easy way to license, distribute and host their applications, and businesses a wide selection of fully customizable, on-demand applications. Etelos, Etelos CRM™, Etelos Projects™, and Etelos Marketplace are trademarks of Etelos, Inc.; other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. For more information about Etelos, please visit

Eventbrite Contact:
Tamara Mendelsohn, Community Manager, Eventbrite at press [at]

Etelos Contact:
Eric Berto, Corporate Communications Manager
press [at]|425.753.2222

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