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The Eventbrite Connector for Salesforce is now Live on the AppExchange

The Eventbrite Connector for Salesforce CRM turns Eventbrite Event Attendees into Salesforce Leads

July 29, 2009: San Francisco - Eventbrite, the market leading online event registration service, today announced the availability of the Eventbrite Connector, an application that integrates Eventbrite with the Salesforce CRM platform. Independently developed by eFactory, a leading integration firm, the Eventbrite Connector allows for Eventbrite event attendees to be easily imported into Salesforce as leads. The Eventbrite Connector was built by eFactory using the Eventbrite Developer Platform, and has been certified as a Trusted Third Party Application by Eventbrite.

"eFactory is a top developer on the platform", said Eventbrite CEO & Co-Founder Kevin Hartz, "We are thrilled such skilled third-party developers are taking advantage of our platform to extend the capabilities of Eventbrite."

The Eventbrite Connector taps the power of the Eventbrite Developer Platform to allow Salesforce CRM users to easily import attendee information, including event survey responses, and to manage them as leads through the award-winning Salesforce CRM software. This capability will allow Eventbrite customers to take better advantage of their events for lead generation purposes.

"Eventbrite is the clear leader in event registration", said Michael Epstein, managing partner of eFactory, Inc. "We see a lot of opportunity in connecting these two powerful platforms."

The Eventbrite Connector for Salesforce CRM is free to all Eventbrite users and is available for installation via the AppExchange. See:

Hundreds of independent developers have already taken advantage of the Eventbrite Developer Platform to create dozens of innovative applications. The Eventbrite Developer Platform provides a rich set of APIs that allows developers to access Eventbrite's vast database of public events, as well as easily create applications that extend the capabilities of Eventbrite for event holders. Developers are encouraged to tap the detailed data available for tens-of-thousands of public Eventbrite events to create applications that help others discover events on, as well as applications that help Eventbrite event holders host more successful events.

The Eventbrite API is publicly available to all developers. To request an application key and find out more about the Eventbrite Developer Program, please visit the Eventbrite API page at:

About eFactory, Inc. -- eFactory develops on-demand, rich Internet applications (RIAs) with Adobe Flex and AIR, and next-generation software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms like and Amazon Web Services. eFactory is based in Chicago, Illinois. For more information about eFactory, please visit:

About Eventbrite
Eventbrite is an online events marketplace where tens of thousands of individuals, businesses and organizations of all sizes manage, promote and sell out their events. With over five million registrations to date and over ten thousand new events published every month, Eventbrite is bringing explosive growth to the events industry by making it easy for anyone to host a successful event. With a suite of free and easy-to-use online tools, Eventbrite empowers event organizers with everything they need to create a professional online presence and to effectively promote their events on the Web. Eventbrite collects a fee only if you sell tickets, and free events are totally free. As the World's Marketplace for Events, Eventbrite proudly serves event organizers from almost every industry, as well as thousands of non-profits, universities, libraries and faith-based organizations from all over the world. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, CA and additional information is available at

eFactory Contact: Michael Epstein
eFactory, Inc.
(847) 656-3928 x2

Contact: Tamara Mendelsohn, Community Manager, Eventbrite at press [at]

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