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Eventbrite and FirstGiving Partner for Seamless Fundraiser Event Management

Nonprofit organizations of all sizes can access complete, actionable data reports by integrating Eventbrite and FirstGiving

San Francisco, Calif. – March 7, 2013 - Eventbrite, and FirstGiving have announced a partnership and product integration that will provide nonprofit organizations with a holistic view of essential event and fundraising data. Eventbrite, the leading online ticketing and registration platform that has issued over $1 billion in tickets, will now include access to FirstGiving's suite of powerful online fundraising tools. Likewise, FirstGiving, an established online donation management platform, has integrated Eventbrite's intuitive event management services into their nonprofit toolkit giving charities, fundraisers, and donors the ability to make a greater impact for their causes.

To take advantage of the integrated solution, nonprofit organizations that are utilizing either platform will simply connect their FirstGiving and Eventbrite accounts to access ticket sales and donation data in the FirstGiving dashboard for all their active fundraising events. This data will allow nonprofits to see a complete picture of the participants who are attending their fundraising events, and any funds that each individual has raised, as part of their participation.

This kind of visibility will be particularly useful for organizations that use participatory sporting events like fun runs and marathons to raise money. Being able to access real-time data that reflects attendance and fundraising engagement will make it easier for organizations to tailor their marketing initiatives as they prepare for a big event or race.

This partnership also enables organizations to import event attendee lists into email outreach campaigns, as a means of keeping supporters connected to the cause. "At Eventbrite, we believe that building a community of supporters at an event is one of the most powerful ways for an organization to gather and retain loyal donors and volunteers," said Mitch Colleran, Partnership Manager at Eventbrite. "We're very excited to be partnering with FirstGiving to make it even easier for organizations to integrate events into their fundraising strategy."

Nina Vellayan, CEO and President of FirstGiving, adds, "Partnerships like this are at the core of our commitment to deliver comprehensive solutions to charitable organizations and the people that support them. Our experience has taught us that event-driven fundraising has been a key to the success of some of our largest organizations and Eventbrite's best-in-class services are a perfect fit."

With over a decade of experience, FirstGiving has enabled fundraisers and donors to generate millions of dollars in donations for the causes they care about. Through their easy-to-use online solutions and educational webinar series, FirstGiving continues to share knowledge and develop creative solutions that help nonprofits advance their causes. Through its nonprofit program, Eventbrite for Causes, Eventbrite offers reduced rates to 501(c)(3) organizations. Additionally, the company has partnered with organizations like the Robin Hood Foundation and the Global Poverty Project to manage ticket sales for some of the most innovative fundraising events imagined.

About Eventbrite

Eventbrite enables people all over the world to plan, promote, and sell out any event. And Eventbrite makes it easy for everyone to discover events, and to share the events they are attending with the people they know. In this way, Eventbrite brings communities together by encouraging people to connect through live experiences. Eventbrite's investors include Tiger Global, Sequoia Capital, DAG Ventures, and Tenaya Capital. Learn more at

About FirstGiving

FirstGiving empowers passionate individuals to raise money online for thousands of causes and helps 501c3 nonprofit organizations plan, execute, and measure successful online fundraising campaigns. FirstGiving is a proven provider of powerful, yet easy-to-use tools for charity fundraising events and grassroots fundraising campaigns and securely processes online donations. Fundraising ideas and fundraising tips abound on FirstGiving, and our personal fundraising pages are easier to use than any other fundraising software product. In addition, in support of our commitment to expanding the world of giving, we offer a suite of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) enabling charities and outside parties to tap into our donation processing and fundraising expertise. For more information, visit


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