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Zyncro, your Enterprise Social Network

A space for internal collaboration and communication, file management, tasks, contacts... all in a single platform. Integrated with all the company's corporate management systems, with complete personalization and customization options, including commercialization as a white label product, available as a cloud-hosted (public or private) or on-premises solution.


Zyncro is an Enterprise Social Network, a private work environment for sharing information confidentially and securely, containing a social microblogging system, a document repository, a task manager, and a professional contact agenda.

Zyncro integrates with the leading business management tools:

  • SharePoint
  • ERPs, such as SAP
  • BI systems (Pentaho, Google Analytics) and CRMs
  • Project management tools, like Doolphy
  • Google Apps: Gmail, Calendar and Drive
  • Social Networks: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, RSS and YouTube
  • Other corporate web applications: Evernote, SurveyMonkey
  • With any web content generator...

Zyncro uses social technology to enable organizations to:

  • optimize and reduce email use
  • improve internal knowledge retainment and management
  • make teamwork more efficient
  • motivate and involve employees in the corporate mission
  • provide access to corporate information and documents.

As well as being an enterprise social network, Zyncro can act as a Private Social Network, a space for collaboration and communication, perfect for any organization looking to build private social relationship with its customers, suppliers or partners... where contents and information generated do not belong to third parties (unlike Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) but to the users. 

Zyncro also has a multi-organization structure, making it a ideal solution not only for single enterprises, but for groups and business communities looking for a common space to share information, news, files, contacts and applications.

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