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Zkeletonz stand for optimism in the face of negativity. Everybody the same inside. No racism, sexism or prejudice. We play music and throw parties fixed firmly in the sonic space between traditional band and DJ sets. Since performing for the first time at a house party on October 31 2014, (now our unofficial ‘birthday’), we have produced music and organised events in London - 100% independently. In 2016 we raised over £1000 for Support Act, a live music charity initiative for refugees.
All our music is postpop, our own fresh genre, which represents postpunk-style subversion of postmodern pop music. Angularity. Independent-mindedness. And taking advantage of cheap digital audio and visual production gear, like the Human League and Cabaret Voltaire used to buy home-build synths from mail order magazines!
"pop-party-good-times...a boat-load of feel good fun"
Louis Louis blog
"groovy funky pop...The infectious keys and sweet ear worm melody will have you shuffling and dancing in no time. Its fun catchy and radiates bright sunny uplifting vibes."
"reminiscent of Hot Chip and Chromeo's electrifying electro goodness, so get ready to stomp your feet and wiggle those hips. Zkeletonz have created an inspiring and fun single that is ultimately a guilty pleasure."
Hoxton Amp
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