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Your VIP Pass takes a flicker of imagination and turns it into the experience of a lifetime.

We are the industry leader in experiential programs. We use our exclusive connections to elevate and enhance your destination experience.

Your VIP Pass has extensive relationships with high profile producers of the most sought after events. Whether it’s a red carpet film premiere, sold-out concert or sporting event, theatrical production, fashion or culinary festival or celebration, we attend to every detail.

Our clients reap the benefits of our incomparable international connections established over 25 years.

What we do.

Your VIP Pass is the trailblazer, the originator and innovator of the experiential concierge category. Our signature experiences and programs have single-handedly influenced the corporate and travel industries.

We focus on immersive, highly tactile and high-impact public and private experiences for individuals and groups of any size.

How we do it

We take full advantage of our vast array of extraordinary connections including, but not limited to, partners, trendsetters, influencers and thought leaders.

We use our relationship assets, in turn, to bring dreams to life for brands, event managers, planners and consumers. We do this in a way that elevates the entire experience, reduces hassle and minimizes complexity for those charged with delivering excellence for an organization.

Your VIP Pass understands the value of the tangible and intangible elements of your brand and how these intersect with the wants, hopes, desires and aspirations of your target audiences.

The impact

From many years of experience, we know it is the intangible elements of an experience that sets it apart and make it special. It is this critical insight that allows us to elevate an experience in a way that is hard to describe. The truly exceptional experience is a unique combination of meaningful content, emotion and timing. These elements, woven together, make an event deeply satisfying, truly unforgettable and incomparable to any other.

Your VIP Pass makes exclusive, VIP access available for all. We can make the impossible happen for you.

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