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Young and Natural Hair Pageant for Girls

The Young and Natural Hair Pageant for Girls was created in part by a growing demand in the African-American community for young girls to accept and acknowledge their natural born beauty given to them by their Creator. While the healthy benefits and information of adorning natural hair is spreading, sadly, there are many young ladies who are still being teased and ridiculed about their crown and glory. 

In an effort to promote this increased awareness, we came up with a vision to give girls a fun and exciting platform on which to stand up and show off their individuality and natural creativity. Throughout this special event, young girls are encouraged to display their confidence, creative style, and articulation about various life subjects. These topics give our girls an opportunity to discuss themselves and the important roll they play within the community. They are asked to give an honest account of how they see their young lives and the importance of their future goals. This festive occasion gives participants and attendees alike a day to join together in sharing the joys of wearing their hair chemical-free, and to embrace one another's desire to live life to the fullest!

We are committed to develping positive images of young girls between the ages of 4-12 years.We strive to celebrate our youth and help uplift the community as a whole: as weith all community activities, there can neveer be too many to keep our youth engaged and on a path towards a brighter future. We wish to acknowledge our young girls for their determination to be and do their absolute best. This event has been growing in size every year since its start in November 2013. We are looking forward to you joining us in this year's festivities!

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