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Page Content was created by Mr. James Peh who have been trading Forex since 2007. 

He have been doing Full Time Forex ever since and beliefs that everyone can learn how to profit from the largest financial market in the World!

As a Forex Coach himself, he have discover an Unbelievably Simple Forex Trading System that can help beginner or advance traders alike to profit from the Trillioin Dollar market with up to 80% success rate. All these WITHOUT the use of Technical Indicators or Looking at the NEWS!

This Forex Coaching System has allow his students to NOT ONLY trade in Any Currency Pairs and Time Frame but also move on to other financial tools in the market (e.g. Stocks&Shares, Option...etc)

He beieves that a Real Trading Coach is not about how good he can Trade but how good his students are.


Join him and he'll demonstrate within 2 days how his students will gain confident in recognizing where the market is heading w/o News Or Indicators!

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