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Welcome to Comics4Kids INC! We are excited to see you at shows around the United States! 

 Comics4Kids INC  is a Seattle-based comic book reading Library and National non-profit literacy organization that has IRS 501 (c) 3 tax exemption status. EIN 20-2882260


     Comics4kids INC collects donated comic books and then screens them and distributes to children for free. This is part of our mission to improve literacy andencourage imagination through comics. This is made possible by fundraising and generous donations made by our supporters. All contributions are welcome and essential to advancing our efforts! 


Assisted by Vice President Damien Moore, Sgt. At Arms Mason Knox, First Vice President & Chief Executive Officer Heidi Spidey, Volunteer Coordinator Extraordinaire Anne Myrick, and  Vice President Jerry Sims, President & Chairman of the Board Dale Moore rounds out these literacy champions who are Overstreet's Comic Book Price Guide Advisors and industry luminaries, with over 100 years’ cumulative experience  in the field - having been readers, collectors, writers, artists, consultants to film (Ixtlan Entertainment), publishers (Green Pirate Press), store owners and everything in-between including two years as Grading Department's Quality Control Expert at Comics Guaranty LLC (CGC)     


Comics4Kids INC is a recipient of a 2018 Bob Clampett Humanitarian Award !!  Congratulations to our fellow recipient FREDERICK JOSEPH of The BLACK PANTHER CHALLENGE!!




                W E     C A N ' T      D O    I T       A L O N E  ! 






Comics4kids INC


4609 South Thompson Ave


Tacoma WA 94808




(206) 327 7436


     The idea for Comics4kids INC was created by Dale Moore.  Moore was inspired to found this company after a time in which he was a hospital patient. His stay at the hospital was made bearable by reading Fantastic Four comic books that his brother Doug had given him, to help pass the time and recuperate his health. He personally experienced how comic books improved his life. He has since dedicated himself to sharing that experience with others and future generations!

The idea to give away comics to youth began one Halloween when Moore started giving away comics instead of candy. Since having worked his way to the top of the comic book industry, Moore created Comics4kids INC as a way of giving back to the community. 

Since 1993 Comics4kids INC has given away more than 2,000,000 comic books! 


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