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As anybody who has been successful and made money in real estate knows, it’s not what you know (since we all know everything) but it’s who you know and even more importantly – who knows you.  If you want to make deals and make money in real estate you need to be an insider and people need to know you. If you’re not in – you’re out!

It was the above concepts that led us to create REIN – Real Estate Insiders Network. REIN is an organization that produces the real estate industry’s top events, panels and conferences attended by the most important, active and prevalent real estate dealmakers. REIN’s events provide the platform for you to meet, learn from, and actually get to know the people making the deals that are happening today.

REIN’s social events will always be populated with a perfect balance of real estate professionals in different fields.  REIN can ensure the perfect balance at its social events because it has not only developed an extensive database of over 10,000 real estate professionals, it actually knows what those professionals do and what kind of deals they are working on. You need to meet an engineer who specializes in heating, ventilation and air conditioning – REIN! You want to know who is doing construction lending on hospitality assets – REIN! You desperately need an attorney with knowledge of how to make a property ADA compliant – REIN!

The founders of REIN have spent a collective 40 years in the real estate business getting to know all of the most important players. They have attended thousands and hosted hundreds of real estate related events. They have introduced numerous real estate people and more importantly have created and referred hundreds of millions of dollars of real estate business. They themselves are the quintessential dealmakers and more importantly they have the connections to the biggest real estate dealmakers.

We look forward to seeing you at our events and helping you make those key connections that lead you to your next big deal!

Marc Lawrence




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