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WriteStuff Writers Conferences, Events & Workshops, CEO J. Andy Murphy

The WriteStuff Writers was created to help those with dreams of writing a book or a screenplay.

Conferences have been held all across the United States with a bi-annual conference held in Indiana.  New York, Regional and Local Best-Selling Authors, Academy Award Winning Writers/Directors, National Publishers and Professional Editors, Illustrators, Musicans, and Creative Talent Agents will be on stage to share their success stories and offer supportive words to conference attendees.

It is a fun and educational event that offers a chance to meet and become part of a networking team with like-minded individuals.

HOST/MODERATORS: Debby Knox, CBS4 News Anchor and EMMY Award Winner, and Kelly Vaughn, Host of the popular "Inside Indy" on WHMB TV40 which airs every Monday and Andy Murphy, Founder of the WriteStuff Writers.

GET UP CLOSE and PERSONAL WITH SUCCESSFUL INDIVIDUALS and mingle with individuals who all have the same dream to one day write a book or a film or both!

Prizes and lots of fun throughout the day.

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