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Breaking Down Barriers for the Writers of Film, Games, Books, Comics and VR/AR

Our mission at WRITERS GAME is to help you as a writer create immersive and ground-breaking content for Film, Games, Books, Comics or VR/AR

"It started with an evening, a gathering of successful creatives and a question... "So, what is the difference between writing story for film, games, books, comics or VR?"

And of course, the questions don't end there. "How can I break into any of these? How do you write great story for one or more of these mediums, how do you move from one to the other and what about becoming a writer brand? How do you work in a collaborative team as a writer?" 

And so, we created WRITERS GAME

At our Dublin event, you will get 7 plenary sessions over two mornings and 9 hours of hands-on workshops for each of our 3 tracks, all giving you the tools to craft your story, your career, your game. WRITERS GAME is designed for a rapidly changing landscape, let us show you how to navigate and accelerate your career.”

-       Ray Ronan Founder WRITERS GAME


We aim to be a trusted source of education and assistance for creators who want to work in all of the media writers are involved, starting with Film, Games, Books, Comics, VR and AR which are two incredibly open plains to be explored.

We are a team of experienced creatives and business people, working with industry leaders.

 WRITERS GAME is hosting events worldwide, starting in Dublin, November 17th & 18th 2018.

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