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Connecting Creatives To Film, Games, Books, Comics And VR/AR/MR


WRITERS GAME creates deep-dive Elearning courses and live events. We are a pool of experienced writers helping others, new and experienced, to unlock their true creative potential.


Coming this Nov 9th at Trinity College, Dublin Ireland, international creators from multiple media lead Masterclasses and Workshops to give writers of all ages, new and experienced, not only the core tools for immersive and engaging story but will answer these questions...


  • How can I create incredible content?

  • What is the difference between writing for any of these media?

  • How can I write not just for one, but for all of them?

  • How can I make money doing it?



Author and founder of WRITERS GAME, Ray Ronan explains: “Our main aim is to show creatives how to be a trans-media writer. Firstly our masterclasses explore the difference between writing for different media  – what works for film, what works for online media? How do you write for games or books or comics and how do writers cope with new technologies such as VR and AR?


“And vital to all these industries and its writers, how do you do it successfully, to be a brand and a creative entrepreneur - we look at the reality of how can you make money writing not just for one, but across all these  industries.”


To do that WRITERS GAME presents morning plenary sessions for all writers, with story core techniques, key tools for writers on how to become a business. How to do you write not just for one, but for more than one of these media.


Afternoon breakout workshops focus on the mechanics of each media. 

At this years special one day event at Trinity College, Dublin, we will have two afternoon breakout sessions which will focus on Writing Books and Game Narrative Design.

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