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WTMC is an employee owned company that supplies a qualified skilled flex work force and support services for turnaround, maintenance and project organizations.


Our Values
The following values as core to our business and personal success:

Integrity -
Do the right thing simply because it it the right thing to do.

Professionalism -
Be respectful, courteous and appropriate in conduct, appearance and communication.

Accountability -
No excuses; deliver what we promise and only promise what we can deliver.

Simplify -
Keep things simple, less is more.

Dilligence -
Nothing can happen without adeauate caus; thing and act with purpose.


Downsizing, rightsizing and other economic trends led us to launch the Worldwide Turnaround Management Company. We opened our first division,The Turnaround Management Company, in 1998.

We saw knowledgeable workers leaving the workforce taking their industry-specific and facility-specific knowledge and skills with them. Owners and operating companies had to do more with a leaner workforce. And, that workforce would not have the benefit of having the learned knowledge the old-timers had previously provided. One author described the phenomenon as the “brain drain” while another called it the “knowledge gap.”

We realized that we could help companies improve their turnaround performance and support their project needs by providing the needed personnel to close the knowledge gap. This led us to identify, organize and grow a specialized nationwide service that focuses on tools, processes and people for turnaround performance improvement.

Not all our clients need our managed services—some only want qualified personnel—so we launched TTMC Personnel to fill that void. We developed our Employee Qualification and Selection Process (EQSP) to provide you with the same quality people you have come to expect from The Turnaround Management Company.

By being an Employee-Owned Company (Employee Stock Ownership Plan —ESOP) with excellent benefits, including a 401K, our employees in both divisions are highly motivated and want to perform at above average success levels. Our clients appreciate our service approach and the flexibility we offer. They say we make it easy to do business with us.

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