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World Cord Blood Day in Houston (Independent Organizer)

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My name is Natalie Lerner.  I am a community volunteer, independently organizing a live event in Houston regarding World Cord Blood Day (, a global virtual conference where life-changing science is being discussed! 
Students, educators, moms, dads, doctors, etc. are invited to watch the live virtual conference, plus meet local Cord Blood/STEM Cell professionals.  Refreshments will be provided and you can choose to tour the museum afterwards without charge.  Thank you to the HEALTH MUSEUM for allowing this event to take place in your venue!  
This is an event that I am very passionate about, because it involves saving lives!  Please do read my specific testimonial (  I am the Natalie on that page. 
I have no funds or backing from Save the Cord Foundation.  I just have a passion to educate and will be putting in the time to get people to the event, gather local speakers, get a food/snack sponsor, etc.  
The live virtual conference will take place Wed, Nov 15, 2017, as follows:



  • Welcome & Introduction: Charis Ober
  • "History/Cord Blood Pioneers": Dr. Eliane Gluckman & Dr. Joanne Kurtzberg
  • Focus on Transplants & the Importance of Quality Collections: "What a Transplant Center Expects When Thawing Cord Blood" by Sharon Miller, MT (ASCP), CHS(ABHI)
  • Treating Leukemia: "Outcomes in Patients with Hematological Malignancies After Cord Blood Transplantation Compared to Unrelated Donor Transplants" by Dr. Filippo Milano
  • Focus on Cord Blood Expansion:  "Cord Blood Transplant and Expansion Technologies" by Dr. Colleen Delaney



  • Welcome Back & Intro to Regenerative Medicine: Charis Ober
  • Focus on Diabetes:  "Autologous Umbilical Cord Blood and Type 1 Diabetes" by Dr. Maria Craig
  • Focus on Spinal Cord Injury:  "Potential Use of Cord Blood Therapies to Treat Spinal Cord Injury" by Dr. Wise Young
  • Focus on Autism: "Using Cord Blood to Treat Autism and Cerebral Palsy" by Dr. Joanne Kurtzberg



*UPDATE 2: The Health Museum is offering a 10% discount to the bookstore to all attendees!
*UPDATE 3: Olive Pizza is our lunch sponsor!
*UPDATE 4: Dr. Elizabeth Shpall, a nationally recognized expert in stem cell transplantation;Director of the Cell Therapy Laboratory and Director of the Cord Blood Bank at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center will have her work presented by a representative from the M.D. Anderson Cord Blood Bank.  The bank will also speak on their latest news.  Both will be live and in-person! 
Here are some quick facts 
( about the conference/event.  
Here is a list of events around the world happening that day ( based on World Cord Blood Day. 
Thank you for your interest and willingness to educate and get educated.  Peoples' lives depend on it!
Natalie Lerner
Community Volunteer;
Independent Organizer of World Cord Blood Day @ The Health Museum Nov. 15, 2017

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