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Authority on Positive Life-Transformation and Peak Performance

Venetia Zannettis is a Law of Attraction Expert, Master Healer, Subconscious Re-programmer, Hypnotist, and Neuro-Linguistic Programmer, as well as a philanthropist. A recognized authority on the Subconscious Mind, Universal Laws, and Positive Life-Transformation. 

Venetia is the creator of MasterMind Groups and Online Courses, including most recently the well know '5-Step to Positive Life-Transformation.' She has served as a guide to individuals around the world for over five years.

Venetia has a unique gift of positively transforming the lives of people and is well known for her ability to turn ordinary people into extraordinary individuals. She is the mindset coach of the Cyprus Blackball National Team and has earned them the title of runners-up at the European Championships and winners of the IPA World Champions.

Venetia has empowered and guided many people from a variety of countries through her work in changing limiting beliefs, deleting faulty sub-conscious programs, and mastering the mind which results in positive life-transformations and manifesting the life of your dreams.

She is recognized as an expert in her field by magazines such as Daxi and CNR Magazines in Cyprus, the Law of Attraction Magazine in the USA. She is acknowledged by TV Networks such as RIK2 TV and 7Sports TV in Cyprus. As well as the Law of Attraction Radio Network in the USA.

On her mission to impact the lives of millions, Venetia has dedicated her life to raising the vibrations of humanity and ending the suffering of mankind bringing them to a state of pure happiness where miracles happen and dreams come true.

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