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Women in Wireless & Smaato

About JiWire

JiWire is the leader in connecting advertisers to today's on-the-go audience, using the world's largest location-based interactive media channel. JiWire's platform enables advertisers to identify and deliver ads to audience segments based on a person's physical location while taking the venue type and brand into account. JiWire also allows device manufacturers and wireless broadband network hosts to leverage advertising as a currency for wireless Internet access. For more information, please visit or call (415) 877-4711.


About Geo-Loco

Learn: what the new breed of Geo-Location-enabled services and applications is doing for brands, for businesses and for consumers. 

Experts Corner: Listen to experts talk about the best ideas for applications and features delivering “value” with Geo-Loco. We’ll hear from agencies, brands, businesses and consumers.

Where’s the money in Geo-Loco? Who has “traction?” Hear from investors, entrepreneurs and the big brands who control the spend, and are leading the investment and innovation from all sides.


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