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W.O.M.A.T. is a convergence of the industry's top notch music, arts, and technology professionals that desire to drive change in the community. Widely known for our major conference, THE WOMAT SHOW, allows kids, teens, and different cultures to meet and enjoy a fun interactive music-arts and technology wonderland. "It's like going to a theme park" says, teen participant, Josh Matthews. The show includes live performances, rides, exhibits, panel discussions, live audience recordings and much more. Another highly  anticipated highlight during the conference is THE WOMAT STARS COMPETITION. Where student leaders in art, technology, and business share their ideas to compete for grand prizes.


W.O.M.A.T. is also hands on in the local community. We offer multiple types of programs that provide education and mentorship to our youth. For example, The Power Program, our most popular, is not just your everyday music lessons or beat production, we combine music and technology which can enhance literacy and enforce S.T.E.M.


Our Vision is to foster a creative growth in the community, that will stimulate ones mind to become the creator and the innovator. This will encourage entrepreneurship and ownership essentially, providing social and economic growth in today's technological society.


Our mission is to remove all restrictions and limitations in the educational system and provide a sensitive learning environment where the imagination is free and positive character building is achieved.

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