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Woman of Significance

What is Woman of Significance?

Woman of Significance is a charitable organization aimed at  (13-18+) women.

Our aim is to help young and mature women recognize their significance, their value, their power, their strengths, and talents to help fulfill their desires and dreams. A woman of significance is more than a successful woman, she is a woman who significantly lets her light shine in any industry, ignites change within her family, local community, society and we believe the world will benefit from her.


What do we provide?


W.O.S provides a variety of workshops and retreats throughout the year aimed at teenage girls and mature women. However, we are more than just hosting events. We are hoping to be the mother to some and sister to many. We believe in going above and below our events to actually support the ladies after all events. 


Our goals are to teach every young and mature woman within the U.K that they are significant in this world. We want them to understand and believe that there is greatness within them, that she is the key to change.  We want every insecure woman who is filled with self-doubt, worry and low confidence to be set free from negative thinking and to walk in boldness, knowing that with God as her foundation she can find her purpose and fulfill her desires and dreams.  W.O.S has plans of hosting workshops such as the Woman Get Your Coins financial seminar in secondary schools and we will eventually open a baby sister foundation. 

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