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WINGS Belleza



WINGS Belleza is an innovative nonprofit organization that delivers empowerment programs to help girls to build self-esteem by focusing on social skills, life choices, self-confidence, leadership, etiquette, and spiritual growth. The target population is girls ages 11yrs to 18yrs who are at risk in their surrounding community needing to escape the handicaps of their environment and become successful citizens. Information is presented through 8-week workshops, and conferences, with a curriculum designed to promote emotional, mental and social well-being all focused on creating resilient female leaders for the future. WINGS Belleza provides a safe forum for girls to explore their place in the world, gain skills to choose positive relationships, share experiences, and know for themselves the important role God plays in their lives.




WINGS Belleza was founded by Vernee Stoddart in the Spring of 2006. We held our first 8-week personal development program at the New Life SDA Church in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Since then we have grown and partnered with various organizations who share the same passion, to empower girls to succeed. In 2010, we launched our first BE U Girls Conference (beautiful, extraordinary and unique) and invited preteen and teen girls to attend. Each year the attendance has grown from 100 girls to exceeding 250 girls at our last BE U Girls Conference in 2016.  Over the past 10 years, over 1,500 girls have participated in our programs. Today, our programs are taking us to new and inspiring locations throughout the mid-Atlantic regions. 




To train girls to live by the BE U Girl (beautiful, extraordinary and unique) principles of self-confidence, proper etiquette, courage to excel, power to survive, and to dream and grow.




BE U Girls should be admired for their intelligence, creativity, inner beauty and positive attitude, not just their physical qualities. There are five elements of personal development that accentuate WINGS Belleza's program philosophy: worth, inspire, nurture, grooming and success. 


Worth: Knowing your worth is important. It's about loving yourself. Help girls recognize their uniqueness and individual worth, take healthy risks and to believe in their self-value.

Inspire: Focus is on inspiring and leadership development. Motivate, encourage, and create enthusiasm reflected in their individual skills, talents, and ideas to share with the world.

Nurture:  Educational support through instruction and interactive activities. Ensure that girls develop personal and social skills required to succeed in society.

Grooming: Important personal life skill principles defined. Feeling confident and projecting a positive attitude and appearance boosts social acceptance.

Strive for Success: Encourage setting high standards and to believing the sky is the limit. Create a desire and passion for learning through life maps, exposure to careers, access and opportunity.


Vernee Stoddart – Founder & Director

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