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Windy City Explorers

We are explorers of urban Chicago. We check out neighborhoods, restaurants, parks, historical sites and other notable Chicagoland locations. These are places you might not otherwise travel alone. The convenience of group activities lends itself to lots of new opportunities and friendships.  We must be on to something, because people keep coming back.  We originally started out as a Meetup group if you're familiar with that platform.  We still have a presence on Meetup where we have produced nearly five hundred events over the past nine years!  You can see that activity here at this Meetup Link:

But lately, we're trying something new, scheduling our events here on Eventbrite to broaden our reach.

Please join our direct email list at this link:
That's the best way to keep tabs on our latest events.  Also be sure to keep in touch on Facebook if you enjoy interacting with your friends online and seeing photos, supplemental material and blog posts from Tom & Chantal. 
Sorry, there are no upcoming events