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Willie J. Mandrell, III

Real Estate Investor | Willie has been investing in Boston real estate since 2006. He bought his first house with an FHA loan and has been building on that momentum ever since. Willie focuses on the "buy & hold" investment strategy & has amassed a portfolio of 30+ apartment units worth more than $10,000,000. 

Real Estate Broker | In 2013, Willie founded The Mandrell Company. He wanted to share his love for real estate & passion for educating with more people & opening a residential real estate brokerage was the perfect outlet. The company has assisted hundreds of aspiring landlords in buying their 1st rental properties & build their portfolios thereafter. 

Organizer, Educator & Speaker | In 2013 Willie also started the networking & educational platform, Boston Wealth Builders. The local Boston "meetup" group is focused on bringing together "anyone seeking to create a better life for themselves". The group has 2,200+ members to date. Willie is a regular speaking guest at schools, seminars, conferences, podcasts, webinars, radio, and TV programs.

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