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Wildlife in Need, Inc.

        Wildlife in Need, Inc. is a nonprofit 501c3 organization dedicated to the rehabilitation and release of native species as well as the provision of safe harbor to an array of Ambassadors from exotic and endangered species. Financial support for this mission comes 100% from public generosity--- your generosity. All donations to our facility are tax deductible and these funds are utilized for the nutritional, medicinal, animal housing facilities and enrichment needs of our Ambassadors. 

       We believe our Tiger Baby Playtime fundraisers have several benefits that are both immediate and far reaching. Of immediate benefit is the socialization offered to the cubs who will rely on humans as providers and allow the genes for whites and tabbies to diversify within this country’s population. The funds will help us provide better habitats for our Ambassadors’ enclosures, as well as provide for their nutritional and medical needs. By meeting cubs up close and personal, many people will begin to understand the awe and therefore the need to protect what is wild in our world. And when our world's actions begin to reflect a respect for nature and a global desire to prevent extinction, then there will still be a population of big cats to fill those niches. This is what we believe.

      We realize this is a controversial issue. There are many who believe that any animal living in captivity is wrong. They believe there is such a place called the ‘wild’ where there are no poachers or corporations causing massive habitat devastation. We are well aware of the negative press that has focused on our facility and our fundraisers. Our hearts have been crushed to read the quotes which were half quoted and taken out of context, alongside jumping to conclusions that are based on faulty logic. And that’s just the reporters. We know what is out there. We will gladly share our rebuttals if interested. Our greatest testament is those who have experienced us first hand. Read our reviews from those who have actually been to our facility. Read our page and the real work we do outside of our playtime events. We love our Ambassadors. We encourage you to see for yourself and then judge us, if you are so inclined. We will thank you for keeping an open mind, experiencing the truth firsthand and seeing an alternative way for us to all share this planet.

God Bless America!  Love, WINs.

Thank you for your support! 

Cub licking paw cub Addonis cub standing

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