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Wild Woman (Anna)

I am an avid outdoor's woman and a motivated conservationalist.  I have been leading classes and forays for over 10 years.  I possess both hunting and fishing licenses and mushroom collecting permits.  I am a long-time prepper for when the SHTF.  I have been a sailboat racer since I was very young and won the Single-handed sailboat race, SSS Transpac, from San Francisco to Hawaii in 2000 on my Santa Cruz 50.  If it's on, in, or under  the water I have probably done it.  Additionally, I have a pilot's license (SEL), an Advanced Open Water SCUBA Certification, a Certificate from Harvard in Science & Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science, and am a certified Kansas City BBQ Society BBQ Judge.


From tidepools to forests and seaweed to mushrooms every event combines learning with hands on experience.


Prepping for Disaster - Series starts November 7 at 6 PM, Caspar Community Center.  

Every class will include suggestions of things to accomplish that week as we work through the steps of preparing to take care of yourself and your family in the event where you may be without critical services on which you've come to rely in your everyday lives.
In Prepping 101 we'll cover very high priority and easy things you can do right away both at home and what to carry in your vehicle.

Cooking with Foraged Ingredients - Cooking with Mushrooms on November 8 at 10 AM, Caspar Community Center.

Wilderness Survival - TBD

Comfortable Car Camping and Outdoor Cooking - TBD

(Real) BBQ Class - TBD

Wet-on-wet Oil Painting Technique - TBD

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