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Why Weight for Recovery

Heidi & Dr. Felice created the Why Weight for Recovery community to be of service to those who suffer with food related issues.  We are men and women who have an unhealthy relationship with food, struggle with our weight, many of us are Serial and habitual Dieters.  We are doers, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters constantly juggling the world around us many times putting others first without nurturing ourselves. We often use food not as nourishment but as a means of medicating ourselves often making unhealthy choices, eating past full and not achieving success in terms of our health and health lifestyle goals.

Our mission is to be a resource in our community, a place of gathering, a source of encouragement and empowerment and teach and learn from others.  Through sharing tools, knowledge and experience with like minded people who are able to let go of the shame and pain of past behaviors, to live healthy happy lives.  One of our goals is to stop the generational cycle of food issues that is often carried down from grandparents to parents to children.  After all most of us learnt about food our relationship with it from our parents, and they from their parents.

We have found that it's not what we're eating rather what's eating us that is the issue and have developed tools and opportunities open to all who struggle.  For us that suffer we thrive and succeed best being in community, as our past behaviors show that we have not done so well on our own.  We want you to succeed, believe that you can do it because others have, and you too have already taken the first step by clicking the link to register for our free Sunday night call (8-9 pm) every Sunday.  We invite you like, share and send this information with friends and family who struggle too, because no one needs to struggle alone.

Go You!!!  

Your friends in recovery Dr. Felice & Heidi

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