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Whitehall Farm

Located in Fairfax County near Clifton, VA, the 205+ acres of Whitehall Farms, LLC offers picturesque woodlands filled with local wildlife, forested streams, and rolling pasture.

To help address the growing demand among Northern Virginia’s population for local, sustainably produced food products, Whitehall Farms, LLC will seek to produce a variety of high-quality farm products including fruits, vegetables, grass-fed meat, eggs, honey, and firewood. Key components of the farm plan include:

• Selling these products at a farm store to be located on the farm,

• Conducting educational tours and other agritourism events to allow students and customers to enjoy the farm setting, learn how the food is produced, and why responsibly grown farm products are an important step towards improving the environmental and social impacts of our food choices.

• Hiring and supporting military veterans whenever possible.

• Other goals of the project include increasing access to products from other local agricultural operations, and testing various techniques for composting, silvopasture, crop-rotation, companion planting, etc.

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