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Whiskey Stories™ Luxury Events

Whiskey Stories™ is bringing you a series of unique and high end whisk(e)y experiences unlike any others in NYC. Whiskey Stories hosts their experience in a dedicated venue designed like a wonderland to bring out the whiskey whimsy. You will LOVE it! We also take over various obscure and high end spaces across NYC like distilleries, victorian era themed venues and more! No two experiences are alike. All our experiences and calendar of events are here:
Whiskey Stories™ is a Michelin guide recommended immersive multi sensory whisk(e)y tasting and storytelling company where four premium whisk(e)y flights are paired with gourmet food courses. In addition, each event also has a sensorial element in the form of either comedy, music, art, our signature Whiskey In The Dark™ experience and more.
Rachna Hukmani is the owner/founder of Whiskey Stories LLC and a whiskey specialist & designer with a background in acting, comedy, storytelling and more. She has over 10+ years of whisk(e)y marketing and innovation experience working on some of most legendary whisk(e)y brand such as The Macallan, Highland Park, Johhnie Walker & many others. She has also helped launch whiskies like The Macallan 12 Double Cask, Noble Oak Bourbon and Relativitiy Whiskey. Each event is carefully curated and hosted by her. Every item in our elaborate set up in thought out by her. You can find out more on our website:
Come experience a unique immersive whiskey experience and some of Whiskey Stories signature events. We'd love to create your whiskey story Email: