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What Makes You Feel Beautiful .org

What Makes You Feel Beautiful, is an inner beauty organization that  honors and celebrates all women! It explores the relationship between inner beauty and what is considered visually beautiful.  A movement that helps women to thrive and realize the love and beauty that can only be felt from within. We Feature women of different ages, ethnicities and sizes from all over.

What Makes You Feel Beautiful s’ mission is to provide empowerment, positive self esteem and inspirational programs to all women and girls. Our goal is to enhance their lives through positive and uplifting programs, workshops, advertisements and events. We serve to inspire advancement with our programs that increase confidence, courage and personal development for all women. 


WMYFB provides access to opportunities such as being a spokes-model for inner beauty at campaigns, workshops, empowerment programs, commercials and conferences.


We are a female empowerment organization our goal is to support,uplift, recognize, honor and encourage women and girls!


All women are beautiful and deserve and need to feel beautiful. As you love yourself from the inside out it will radiate in life.




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