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Westminster Energy Forum


About The WEF 


The Westminster Energy Forum (WEF) is an independent industry association that is specifically designed to integrate senior stakeholders from across the UK and European energy sector. WEF works in a pathfinder capacity to scrutinise both the emergent, and strategic, risks and influences that may affect either Government policy design, or the market’s ability to deliver infrastructure projects. Established in 2004, WEF is recognised as a key, trusted facilitator of high level discussions between leading public, private and NGO stakeholders, and it brings together over two hundred organisations throughout each political year who may meet for a frank exchange of views in a safe context that is free of vested interests or lobbying. Between the seminars WEF representatives regularly brief politicians, work with trade associations on cutting-cutting themes (eg cyber security), and chair international workshops (eg pre-COP) to ensure that there is a strong continuity to the role of the Forum and its participants. WEF remains funded by member subscription from over 90 private sector firms, and operates on a not-for-profit basis.


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