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Founded in 2016 and powered by Cinnem-LLC, Wenlix is a community for families and businesses to learn and practice languages, arts, physical education, and more.


For people interested in visiting other societies or interact with other social groups, we teach languages by empowering our students to think like a native speaker, making community members of different cultures friendlier and closer to each others.


Our services are available worldwide via internet, and in-person starting in Massachusetts, specifically Cambridge, Framingham, Fitchburg, Worcester, Amherst, Springfield and their surrounding towns.


For the beginner levels, our tutors are passionate native Spanish-speakers from the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Argentina, Costa Rica, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Spain and other Hispanic cultures. For advanced levels, our instructors are Spanish college professors or graduates in Hispanic literature.



Hola, soy Hermes. I have many years working with the French language and now I'm starting with Spanish tutoring. I have assisted and participated in events speaking Spanish and French in the Dominican Republic [where I grew up], Puerto Rico, Haiti, Curaçao, Guatemala, Peru, Spain, Germany, and the United States. Also I perform written and oral interpretations from English into Spanish for private companies and non-profit organizations. I enjoy interacting with strangers and I live in Worcester, MA.


My teaching approach on Spanish for beginners is simple and at the same time powerful: we practice conversations in class, we just talk in Spanish, talk, talk, and talk! Is there any better way to learn to speak a language than actually speaking it? And at home students listen to Hispanic music, watch movies in Spanish, repeat vocabularies and sentences, and much more.


Join us and we will share our satisfaction seeing the results of your effort on your language learning progress.


Hasta pronto, saludos!

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