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Our intention at Wellness Recovery Yoga is to create a platform that can be easily accessible online and offline to all who are searching for linking the connection between their own individual wellness, recovery, and yoga. Our goals are to provide podcasts and interviews, yoga classes and meditations, and education through experiences and teachings in a manner that is not only easily accessible, but easily understandable, relatable, and holistically influential in the realm of healing and individual growth. The center point of our focus is to have open doors to those seeking wellness and recovery and to provide yoga classes and workshops centered around learning valuable tools like breath work, emotional observance, and meditation that can then be used at any given time or space by the individual.  


Beginning as simple free classes in parks during the ending of summer, we were quickly faced with the inevitably approaching cold seasons of Colorado. Seeing the potential that this project had and our compassionate desire to continue our offerings, we were forced to begin to look into renting studio spaces to hold our classes. This brought up the heavy hearted question, “How can we keep our intention in parallel to our continuance and growth?” The last thing we wanted to do was slap a costly price tag on our classes and workshops, fearing that somebody seeking our offerings would feel denied or financially inadequate to participate and learn. This lead to the creation of our online shop, using the funds from ALL sales to support the costs for studio space rentals, extra yoga mats, blocks, and most importantly move the cost of classes from a set price to a non-required donation based entry. This has allowed us to not only stay true to our intention, but to continue. 

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