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Wealth Traveler

We are a team of Entrepreneurs representing contribution, integrity and trust, we are committed to helping the next generation achieve their dream lifestyles and leave a legacy. By Developing a dynasty of Mentors; Making Personal Development & Leadership the focus we are able to be more effective when distributing better Products & better services into the marketplace

TEAM RESULTS (By Kevin Gantos):
1) To fund worthy ministries worldwide!
2) To empower people to live an abundant life, free and clear of any financial bondage!
3) To raise up an army of Godly leaders worldwide! 
4) To teach each family on how to have a net worth of $1,000,000 and an annual residual income of $100,000, living totally debt free! 
5) To bring Mom back home first, followed by Dad. So our future generations don't have to look beyond their front door for a role model! 
6) To be elevated to the top of the compensation plan and earn the respect of our peers to win them over to Christ! 
7) To have all the top leaders of the company take a 2 week trip into the mission fields of Africa instead of a 2 week cruise!
8) To bring back their experience and conviction to their teams and inspire them to serve well in the ministry!
9) To roll out "The Program" that allows an average rep to participate by donating $10 a month to the cause times a 100,000 reps equals a Million Dollars a month going to the ministry! 

- K: Knowledge is power only when applied into a practical application. We are dedicated to personal development and growth through learning by experience.

- R: Risk and mistakes are signs of growth, if you are not making mistakes you are not growing. No risk no reward; put some skin in the game, we risk the good to gain the great.

- F: Financial Independence for every partner is our results. Finances are not everything but it ranks up there with oxygen. We are an organization that represents much more than financial gains, however money is a way to measure the progress and once money is out of the way we can work on higher priorities.

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