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Wax Poetic Hip Hop


 Wax Poetic Hip Hop community is a place for people who love music in general and love to discover new non commercial (underground) hip hop in particular. We want to gather as many hardcore first adapter music fanatic types that love hip hop as we can in one place. Underground hip hop is more than a rising tide because the wave is already here. We want to help build a platform that will give a true representation of the value of some of this wonderful music and the genius of the artists that create it. There is some real diversity and compelling cultural vibrance returning to the hip hop scene and Wax Poetic is here to help create a supportive environment for its continued ascendancy. We will be hosting pop up parties around the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond at a variety of venues to build the community and fanbase in the real world as we do the same here. So, in this way, we place a heavy emphasis on discovering new hip hop that makes THE BODY MOVE. These are very exciting times for anyone who considers themselves to be an avid hip hop listener (head). Join us in the spirit of discovery, creativity and community empowerment as we vibe out to hip hop. Let's get it!


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