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Warrior Forged Project

NOT YOUR AVERAGE “FREE” SEMINAR!!  Our FREE Womens Self Defense Seminar is the spotlight of our mission to protect future generations from human predators.  Learn how to effectively guard yourself and your loved ones from:

  • RAPE

…and other evils of the world.  Empower yourself, your family, and your friends…. To BE YOUR OWN HERO… be WARRIOR FORGED.


This fast paced and entertaining THREE HOUR event begins with explaining the importance of violence prevention through mental training and focus.  The instructors have training in Defensive Tactics, Criminology, Victimology, Psychology of Sociopathic behavior, Use of Force, firearms safety, health and safety, CPR training, defensive driving, the law of self-defense, and much more… bringing in experience, (not only physical talent in several martial arts – which they also have), but the psychological training needed to defend yourself against a violent attacker.


After a well presented presentation on what to look for in a predator, mental preparation, and awareness, the instructors will guide the class on many, easy to apply, “physical techniques” that can be practiced at home and taught to loved ones that couldn’t make it to class.  There is also a presentation on how to use improvised weapons.


The team at The Warrior Forged Project has left nothing out of this seminar as it is quickly becoming famous for its amazing results and entertaining presentation.


The founder & CEO Stacey Councilman, has the following certifications & titles:

  • ICSU Advanced Krav Maga Instructor
  • ICSU Military Krav Maga and Law Enforcement Instructor
  • ICSU Civilian Krav Maga Instructor 
  • ICSU Defensive Tactics
  • ICSU Womens Defensive Tactics 
  • Brazilian Jiujitsu Purple Belt
  • 2018 BJJ Master World Champion IBJJF
  • 2018 BJJ World Champion SBJJIF
  • 2019 Pans Champion IBJJF
  • 2016, 2017, 2018 NoGi Silver Medalist IBJJF
  • Kung Fu San Soo Brown Belt
  • Krav Maga Brown Belt


All instructors with The Warrior Forged Project have the following certifications/qualifications:

  • ICSU Civilian Krav Maga Instructor
  • ICSU Womens Defensive Tactics Instructor
  • WFP Certification
  • Training with colored belt in one or more of the following arts BJJ, KRAV MAGA, JUDO, KENPO, ESKRIMA/KALI, KUNG FU SAN SOO, MUAY THAI, BOXING, WRESTLING
  • Continuous Training in Firearms, Health & Safety, Use of Force & Defensive Tactics
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