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War-X is an adventure company that creates two types of unique, events for those looking to push their physical and mental limits. The objective of any War-X event is to give each participant an epic War-Xperience which will redefine their personal limits through intense adversity. Those that complete a War-X event will walk away with a one-of-a-kind experience filled with adrenaline, exhilaration, chaos, and adventure. All events are designed by military veterans who know first-hand what it takes to push through adversity. War-X is comprised of 2 types of events:


War-X Race Campaign

Almost every obstacle course and mud run in the country has had military and veterans recreate obstacles and challenges. War-X has taken that model, added unique elements and elevated it to the next level. Welcome to War-Xperience Racing! Obstacle Course Racing in the middle of a War Zone! Can you focus on the tasks at hand while explosions and gunfire are going off nearby? We are dedicated to creating the most realistic experience available to civilians. While a war rages all around you, you’ll battle unforgiving obstacles, heroic challenges, dense smoke screens, propaganda, air raid sirens, and explosions. These are just some of the things you may encounter, while trying to complete the course as fast as you can. You may find certain obstacles that mimic real battles and require unbelievable courage and strength. Do you have what it takes to succeed just like those heroes did? The course is comprised of a rugged terrain on 1,100 acres, of privately owned land, that allows us the ability to create an extraordinary, adrenaline-filled war experience unlike any other race out there. Experience the intensity and adrenaline of War-X racing!

The 2018 War-X Obstacle Course Race Campaign is comprised of 3 races throughout the year.

Arctic Fever – 1/13
Jungle Ops –  5/5
BlackOut – 7/14

Each race is individual by nature and will include awards, t-shirts and a special campaign tag. Complete all 3 races in a single year to win the awesome and coveted War-X Campaign Medal!


War-X Survival Weekend

Specifically focused around creating unique scenario-driven events, War-X Survival Weekend offers the ultimate test of strength, determination, and ability to survive as a team. It combines elements of obstacle course racing, survival schools, tactical training courses and Airsoft. By pulling the best attributes from these things, and putting them into a single one-of-a-kind event, War-X is able to create a next-level experience that will test the mental, physical, and emotional limits of all participants. Think OCR meets Survival meets Hunger Games.

War-X Survival Weekend will immerse you into the reality of the scenario. Each event starts with basic survival instruction, map reading, weapons training, and emergency medical training. You and your team will learn from current and former military, EMTs, Paramedics, survivalists, and outdoorsmen. For some, this will be a refresher but for others, you will be learning a variety of skills that can help in the real world too. After the instruction period has concluded, all teams will be moved to headquarters for briefing. There you will receive information about the current scenario situation. The who, what, where, why, and when will be answered. This information will be vital during your event.

You and your teammates will be completing against other teams within this scenario. Teams will consist of 6-10 people. Team registration is encouraged, but not required. Individual participants will be randomly assigned a team. Teams will be awarded and ranked based on a variety of factors observed during, and at the outcome, of the event. You can work with or against the other teams toward common goals, if you trust them. You will decide your own courses of action throughout the event to achieve given objectives and defeat a predetermined enemy. That’s right, no guide, no babysitter, no one to tell you that you’re on track. This isn’t a classroom, hang out by the fire, or walk in the woods survival class. Your decisions, strengths, and weaknesses will all play a leading role in your event making everyone’s experience different. You and your team will encounter obstacles, evade capture, navigate, hide, engage in gun fights, and at times hold on by a thread to survive, in a real-threat environment.

Think you can hold it together and count on your teammates under extreme adversity? The hypothetical question of “what you would do if faced with”…will be answered. Others will guess. You won’t. After completing this adrenaline-filled event, your experience will surpass anything available in today’s society. It’s a once in a lifetime experience that upon completion, will give you a sense of achievement that crossing a finish line, or crawling through a puddle of mud, simply can’t provide. Do you have what it takes to rise to the challenge and redefine your limits?
 Awards are earned, never given.


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