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Wanderback Whiskey Co.

At Wanderback, we’re not like other distilleries. Wanderback only produces hand-crafted, limited edition American single malt whiskeys.

Instead of making a flagship whiskey and reproducing the same taste over and over, we prefer to explore endless possibilities of bold American whiskeys through partnerships.

This is truly what excites us. And in doing so, we have forged a new production model that sits at the intersection of a traditional distillery and an independent bottler.

First, we collaborate with premier distilleries from across the U.S. to create a bespoke American whiskey. Every step of the distillation process – from creating bold and flavorful mash bills to making the final spirit cuts – combines the expertise of partner Head Distillers and Phil Downer, founder of Wanderback.

Then, the new whiskey is transported to our family Farm in Hood River, Oregon for aging, finishing, and bottling. Barrel selection is a deep passion of ours. We love nothing more than exploring unique cask types and allowing the whiskey to lead us to its final and fullest expression.

This process gives us the freedom to interpret endless iterations of limited edition American single malt whiskeys. We hope to connect with you soon.

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