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Vox Mundi Project


The transformative power of sound and music is unquestionable. The field of Sound and Music in Healing is becoming increasingly in demand of qualified professionals with an integral East-West approach that includes the physical, musical, psycho-acoustic, clinical, and spiritual dimensions of sound. Expressing the inherent musicality of the voice is a human necessity. The capacity to listen to music and to sing is also a human need. Both these aspects help attaining a healthy condition of the body, mind and soul. Singing is thus a tool to transform consciousness and emotional and physical dysfunction. Chanting and singing are coordinated activities that include the whole body, our perceptual processes, and the quality of our experience. Technique and knowledge empower the capacity of the voice, and there is an essential kind of listening that happens when the body and the mind focus on the onset of tone. The presence is relaxed and aware. The singer, the teacher, and the music becomes one. The inborn therapeutic potential of the voice is realized. 


Silvia is an award-winning composer, multi-instrumentalist, voice-culturist, author. Nakkach is a recognized authority on the healing power of music, sound and the voice. She is a pioneer in the use and the integration of sacred sound with contemporary practices of transformation of consciousness in music psychotherapy and in health care. An internationally accredited specialist in cross-cultural music healing training, she has been involved in research in the areas of singing and creative uses of the voice since 1974. She has contributed an extensive body of therapeutic sound and vocal techniques that have become landmarks in the field of sound healing and music therapy in South America, Europe and the USA. She has created a music repertoire widely used in Palliative Care, Hospices, and Healthcare Centers for substance abuse and during pregnancy and delivery. Nakkach significant body of work has been integrated in an innovative curriculum of vocal principles, theories, and applications available through the Vox Mundi Project programs, archives and publications.

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