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Vitor Tavares Mendes

Are you looking for someone to help you reduce body fat, lose weight, to gain muscle mass, be in a good shape or to get rid of the pain? Or do you just need some advice? Feel free to contact me!

I will prepare individual training plan and the right exercises based on your goals and needs. With my help you reach your goals faster than if you try on your own. I work as a professional personal fitness trainer, but I am also a dancer and choreographer. I offer comprehensive services in the field of fitnessdance and healthy lifestyle. I currently work in Prague.

When working with clients, I put emphasis on their health, regularity, lifestyle as well as proper posture and breathing.
The main exercise programs are focused on weight loss, rehabilitation, body shaping, as well as fitness training of athletes. I offer a comfort and exercise in a pleasant environment, in the comfort of your home and in the park in a nice weather.

I also offer dance classes, stretching and sport fitness massages.

I like working with people, who want to feel and look better for purely medical reasons or simply they want to reduce their body fat, they want to improve their physical condition, muscles or have a flat stomach in combination with the change of the current regime. I offer them introducing new eating habits not only in terms of nutrition, but also practical and technical, based on best practices and years of experience.

Give your body deserved service and entrust yourself into the hands of an expert! The base is fluid intake, change in diet and appropriate physical activity.

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