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Vitae Advisor

We are more than career consulting company. We help successful professionals who feel stuck and trapped at their jobs to find happiness in a purpose-driven career through our coaching and mentoring program.


So how does this work? Well, there are three key points we work with.


First, we need to define your starting point. Together we assess your current situation and set your objectives, your dream career, and vision. Now we have to connect where you are and where you want to be, creating a tailor-made action plan.


Next, we will equip you with an outstanding personal branding. Including an attractive LinkedIn, an engaging resume and many other professional branding tools. We will adapt your branding according to your situation and objectives.


Now we need to get you out there. We will give you the key to the hidden job market; we will teach you the most creative job searching techniques, and  we will show you how to activate and nurture your network.


A question we get a lot is, “so you are like a headhunter?” Well, the answer is NO. Headhunters aren't career counselors...they're motivated by earning the commission.  Remember, they work for companies, not for you.  


You are the one that pays us to get you to your dream career. That is what we aim for, and that is what you get. Your happiness is our drive; your success defines ours.


So if you consider yourself a successful professional, and you don’t want to get stuck in a job you hate, if you want to be both successful and happy and personally grow within a purpose-driven career or you simply want to be happy to go to work, we are what you have been looking for.

Mixing our recruiting and coaching background, we provide you with both the what and the how. We are the mentor, the coach, the teacher.  We give you not only clarity but the steps you need to take and the skills that will get you there.


If this sounds like something you might want, come to one of our free seminars and let’s get to know each other.


Small steps today can lead to big changes ;)


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