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The owners, collaborators, performers, and especially the fans involved with VISIONS take an oath to revive the culture here in NYC by coming together as a community and uniting through the use of today’s amazing music culture.
One way or another many of us have been inspired here in New York whether it be a show we went to, a piece of art we fell in love with, or even a shirt that we just HAD to buy.
That is what Visions is about. Coming together collectively for the love of creativity and the love of art. It means much more than just a show, it’s a positive lifestyle. 
Visions will be centered around curating line-ups for the people who care to see their favorite local upcoming artist the most in New York, and We will be putting these shows together based on what the people want to see and hear, along with new talent that we ourselves discover and think would contribute to our vision in a positive way.
Please keep in mind, this is not a promotion company, talent agency or a bottle service club. This is about intimate shows with nothing but great vibes and even better people. Bottom line we all just want to have fun!
Life can leave us in a daze and can make us feel stuck sometimes. We are here to help everyone focus on the beauties in life. If you are different GOOD WE WANT YOU. If you are weird, GREAT WE LIKE YOU. If you struggle to fit in somewhere, WE ARE HERE.
We are extremely passionate about giving people chances to share their creativity with people who truly enjoy and appreciate it.
All that we ask is for OUR CHANCE to make a difference and bring back a positive culture to New York City, a city that we all know and love.
Trust the Vision.

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