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Virginia Shamu

In this big universe of energy I have always enriched myself by reading about life, philosophy, psychology, spirituality, love, health, the world, about the West and the East and exploring the wellbeing of buddhism. Feeling connected with myself, a few years ago I took this a step further by taking a course in ‘Energy Healing’ at School of Life in Amsterdam. I always somewhere felt that if someone was in pain, I could help them by just holding them. This course openend a new world by really working with energies and learning everything about it! By doing yoga for more then 10 years, I was already familiair with our Energy centra, our Chakra’s. And through another course I got to learn even more about ‘Chakra Psychology’ as well. Now I am capable of analysing certain energy blockages and trauma’s.
After these 2 beautiful life enriched courses, I continued my way in the Japanese healing and followed the courses: Reiki I, II and III which makes me a Reiki Master. Reiki means literally “life energy of the soul”. This gave me new insights to all the connections in the body, such as the wellbeing of organs linked to the wellbeing of our emotions.
With combining all my knowlegde, techniques and own life experience I wish to support and to guide others to find their balance and to let go what is no longer needed in the body and mind. Then the soul will rise. Together we reach new perspectives in life to feel lighter and more love. Love for others, love for your sweet self and beyond: love for all!

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