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Vipers Pro Basketball

 Vipers Pro Basketball is formed under the American Basketball Association (ABA) professional Men’s basketball team. It all started with Julius Erving (“Dr. J”) and George Gervin and the famed Red White & Blue Ball. The ABA is the largest professional sports league in the U.S. When play begins in Nov, the league will have over 100 teams. It is also the most diversified professional sports league ever. Vipers is owned and operated by one that’s familiar with success — RJ White. “The goal is to make this first season unforgettable, and we would look for lake county to come and join us on the entertainment. We’re bringing Sports entertainment to the community,” says RJ White, “Yes of course, we have the NBA but we need a local team that can bring entertainment to the court, be competitive and while we helping our communities in Lake County grow”.



With hopes of giving back to the community the Vipers will be donating time and money to local charities, local schools and hosting summer camps for the children. “You’ll see a lot of familiar faces..., We’re also getting buzz from a lot of the small business owners across Lake County, I love the support were getting and that’s what were here to do in return, were here to help them thrive.”


Announcing Partnerships with Familiar Businesses and  Organizations Like GLASA, Buffalo Wild Wings,Lake, and many more ! 

The Vipers will playing at Joy of the game Deerfield, located at 158 S. Waukegan rd...

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