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Vietnamese American Alliance (VAA)

Vietnamese American Alliance (VAA)

The Vietnamese American Alliance (VAA) was founded by seasoned Vietnamese-American professionals with the shared vision and passion to support and mentor emerging Vietnamese-American leaders to succeed within their respective careers.


The VAA is committed to supporting the Vietnamese community, its people, its businesses, and its culture with equality and without prejudice, grandstanding, and/or personal gain or benefit. To that end, the VAA is 100% non-partisan, non-secular, and non-profit.

Our Vision

To establish and maintain a unfied organization that furthers the economic interests of the Vietnamese-American commu nity in the Washington DC Metropolitan area through professional training, mentorship, and networking opportunities aimed at advancing Vietnamese-American leadership in the workforce and encouraging entrepreneurship.

Our Mission

Promote, empower, and advance the Vietnamese-American community in the economic arena.

  • To mentor, empower, and advance emerging or established leaders, entrepreneurs, community/social activists, and professionals within their respective industries.

  • To support Vietnamese-American individuals, organizations, businesses, and investors by providing a network to promote job opportunities, business opportunities, entrepreneurship, collaborations/strategic partnerships, and investment opportunities.

 Our Logo

The red and yellow colors represent our Vietnamese heritage, while the red, white, and blue colors represent our American identity. This color combination symbolizes the dual cultural identity of Vietnamese-Americans.


The two outreached “arms” symbolize the embracing and fostering of all Vietnamese-Americans. The blue hand represents leaders reaching with a helping hand. The blue color represents traits that leaders possess: sensitivity, stability, trust, and loyalty. The red hand represents aspiring leaders who–with the support of helping hands–will become the dynamic leaders of the future. The red color represents the traits of emerging leaders: passion, desire, strength, courage, and determination.

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