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Vienna Center for Logics and Algorithms (VCLA) at TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology)

The Vienna Center for Logic and Algorithms (VCLA) is an initiative of Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien). Located at the Faculty of Informatics, the Center is promoting international scientific collaboration in logic and algorithms. VCLA is coordinated by a local board in collaboration with an international advisory board. The acting chair is Stefan Szeider after the passing of the co-chair Helmut Veith (1971–2016).

VCLA is hosted by six research groups at the Faculty of Informatics:

  • Algorithms and Complexity Group
  • Theory and Logic Group
  • Database and Artificial Intelligence Group
  • Formal Methods in System Engineering Group
  • Knowledge-Based Systems Group
  • Security and Privacy Group

International recognition of their work is reflected by a Wittgenstein Award, START Prizes, ERC Starting Grants, the National Research Network RiSE, numerous grants by the Austrian and the Vienna Science Fund, two memberships in the Austrian Academy of Sciences as well as TU Vienna’s graduate programs in this area.

LogicLounges were born out of the largest event in the history of logic research, Vienna Summer of Logic, attended by more than 2000 computer scientists from all over the world. LogicLounge is a place where the public and scientists build bridges, recognizing the social embeddedness of information technology in post-modern societies.

Facebook: Vienna Center for Logic and Algorithms at TU Wien

Twitter: @vclaTUwien

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